F u c k i n g  H o t .


that is how you fuck a basement piggy


I love a nice hairless bendable pussykid bouncing off my dick. Fuck him, finger his sore little pussy and make him taste what I churned up…



I’ve posted this one before, but fuckin’ had to reblog it.

One of my favorite things to do with a boys eager mouth. Fuck yeah kiddo, how’s my ass taste? That’s it, suck it clean and push it back in til it disappears and I’ll shit it back out for you baby.

clark : yes…it s the first step…then bananas feed me slowly …and then…daddy  and grandad were…dirty daddies…now…i like it…sometimes…a lot



these two embrace the roles they know they are born to perform

Very good use and service.  I’m coming more and more to believe in destiny, of being born to serve.  It’s a new thought to me, but the more submissive I become, and the more I serve dominant men and boys, the more I feel “right”, like I’m doing exactly what I’m supposed to.  It’s a good feeling.